Linear Algebra Refresher Course

About This Course

This mini-course is intended for students who would like a refresher on the basics of linear algebra. The course attempts to provide the motivation for "why" linear algebra is important in addition to "what" linear algebra is. Students will learn concepts in linear algebra by applying them in computer programs. At the end of the course, you will have coded your own personal library of linear algebra functions that you can use to solve real-world problems.

Why Take This?

You should take this course if: - You want a refresher on the basics of linear algebra or want to learn them for the first time - You want to see how linear algebra can be applied to real-world problems. - You want to learn linear algebra in the context of programming.

Prerequisites and Requirements

The course has no formal prerequisites except experience with some programming language. A familiarity with high-school algebra and trigonometry will also be useful.
Learn linear algebra by doing: you will code your own library of linear algebra functions!