Front End Frameworks

About This Course

Learn how to build Single Page Applications in various Front End Frameworks! In this course, you'll learn how to create both an Angular application and an Ember app from scratch. As you work through the course, you'll learn key architectural design techniques that make frameworks incredibly powerful.

Why Take This?

In this course, you’ll explore popular JavaScript frameworks that make building complex web applications a lot easier! Follow along as you build interactive, single-page applications that work seamlessly in the browser without ever reloading the page. Filled with deep dives, code examples, and practical advice, you’ll uncover the magic behind JavaScript frameworks and what makes each of them unique.

Prerequisites and Requirements

Students should have experience building sites with HTML and CSS. JavaScript is heavily used in Front End Frameworks, so two years of programming experience in JavaScript is recommended. This course builds on: * [JavaScript Design Patterns]( * [Object-Oriented JavaScript]( * [Web Tooling & Automation]( Other course requirements: * Ability to use GitHub to clone repos and checkout branches * Comfort with command line tools * Ability to use [Chrome DevTools](
Explore and build interactive, single-page applications with popular JavaScript frameworks!