Android Ubiquitous Computing

About This Course

Ubiquitous Computing is just a fancy phrase for technology that's accessible to the user at any time wherever they happen to be while staying relevant and unobtrusive. Until recently, reaching your user in all these new places often meant you had to build your own hardware, libraries, and infrastructure. Now you can take advantage of Google platforms to extend your app without having to reinvent the wheel. The material in this course will give you the conceptual knowledge and expertise to extend your app with Android Wear, Google Cast, Android TV, and Android Auto.

Why Take This?

People no longer need to sit at a desk to experience technology. Our apps must be extended to be useful in all the contexts our users are now expecting. Take this course to learn the design paradigms and technical essentials of bringing your app to your user wherever and whenever they want or need it.

Prerequisites and Requirements

To get the most out of this course, you should have prior experience developing Android apps. If you lack this experience, please take Developing Android Apps prior to enrolling in this one. We also recommend taking Advanced Android App Development and Google Play Services. To follow along with course activities, you **must** have access to the latest release of Android Studio. We share code through Github, so you must be familiar with using Github to access code. Take our course on Using Git and Github if you lack this background.
Learn how to extend your app with Android Wear, Google Cast, Android TV and Android Auto.