Gradle for Android and Java

About This Course

This course reveals the magic that happens after you hit the "Run" button in Android Studio. You'll learn how the Gradle build tool compiles and packages your app, and you'll customize the build process. You'll learn to configure free vs paid app flavors, create and integrate Android libraries, test your app, and prepare your app for the Play Store.

Why Take This?

As your Android projects get more ambitious, the process of building and deploying your apps will become more and more involved. The default build settings are enough to put a simple debug app on your phone, but to build an app that's ready for the Google Play Store, you'll need to understand your build process and how to customize it.

Prerequisites and Requirements

This is an advanced course aimed at students with experience developing Android or Java apps. If you lack this experience, please take Developing Android Apps and Advanced Android App Development prior to taking this course. This course is also of value to students interested in Gradle for non-Android purposes. To follow along with course activities, you **must** have access to the latest release of Android Studio, and should have access to an Android device for running and testing your apps. You should also be familiar with Github. Take our course on Using Git and Github if you lack this background.
Build bigger and better Android and Java apps using the Gradle build tool.