GitHub & Collaboration

About This Course

This course covers the essentials of working with remote repositories. You'll be able to connect to a remote repository, get changes from a remote repository, and send changes to a remote repository. You'll also learn how to work collaboratively. You'll fork another developer's repository, make changes to it, and then send them a pull request. You'll also pick up some Git tips and tricks that make working with collaborators a breeze.

Why Take This?

You've learned how to develop projects with the amazing version control tool, Git, and it's now time to get your repository off of your local machine and up on a hosting service like GitHub! Having your project on GitHub provides an additional backup for your project in case anything should happen to your computer. With your project on a public site like GitHub, you're free to share it with other developers. Being able to work together with other developers on a project is vital in today's collaborative development processes.

Prerequisites and Requirements

This course builds on the skills covered in the course [Version Control with Git]( Students should have experience using Git to: * create repositories * add commits to a repository * review a repository's history of commits * create and manage branches * undo changes in a repository
Learn how to interact with remote repositories and collaborate with other developers on GitHub.