React Fundamentals

About This Course

This course is a part of the React Nanodegree Program. Mastering React begins with learning the fundamentals. This can pose a bit of a challenge, because while the modularity of the React ecosystem makes it really powerful for building applications, there is a great deal to learn. We’ll break everything down and enable you to learn the parts of the React ecosystem that are necessary to build production-ready apps.

Why Take This?

The journey to becoming a React developer starts with mastering the fundamentals. This is a project-based course, and you’ll get your hands dirty right away with the key features and principles of one of JavaScript's most popular libraries. Throughout the course, you'll leverage JSX in React components to create dynamic user interfaces. You’ll learn how to manage component state and render UI with external data. You’ll also add different routes to your applications with React Router.

Prerequisites and Requirements

To succeed in this program, you need to have experience with building front-end web applications with: - HTML & CSS - JavaScript - Asynchronous JavaScript (AJAX) - One or More Front-End Frameworks (Angular, Backbone, Ember, and more) - Web Forms You should have familiarity with the following: - Web Accessibility Standards - Using Node Package Manager (NPM) - Git & GitHub - Unix/Linux Command Line Basics
By learning React's component model, you'll be able to write declarative, composable user interfaces to build production-ready apps.