GT – Refresher – Advanced OS

About This Course

The course covers the basics of Memory Systems, File Systems, Multithreaded Programming, and Networking. Together these form a strong foundation from which the student can understand cutting edge research in the areas of Virtualization, Distributed Systems, and Internet-scale services in the GT *Advanced Operating Systems* sequence.

Why Take This?

Highlights of the course include a deep coverage of: * cache systems and strategies * how virtual memory is implemented * the FAT and ext2 file systems * the pthreads interface * the network protocol stack and the architecture of the Internet.

Prerequisites and Requirements

No prior knowledge of Operating System concepts is assumed; however, the course is dense, since it is intended as a refresher for the student who already has some exposure to OS concepts.
This course covers the essential Operating Systems concepts students need in preparation for the rest of the GT "Advanced Operating Systems" sequence.