Mobile Web Development

About This Course

So you’ve heard mobile is kind of a big deal, and you’re not sure how to transform your traditional desktop-focused web apps into fast, effective mobile experiences. This course is designed to teach web developers what they need to know to create great cross-device mobile web experiences. This course will focus on building mobile web apps, which will work across multiple platforms including Android, iOS, and others.

Why Take This?

After completing this class, you’ll have built a web application with a first-class mobile experience. You’ll understand what it takes to build great web experiences on mobile devices, have gained experience with the tools you need to test performance, and be able to apply your knowledge to your own projects in the future.

Prerequisites and Requirements

This course is for experienced front-end web developers who’d like to learn what it takes to create [great]( [mobile]( experiences. In order to succeed in this class, you should be comfortable with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and should have experience creating web apps, either professionally or for fun. You don't need to know any specific HTML5 extras or APIs, we'll cover any of those that we need as the course progresses.
In this course, you'll learn how to build great mobile web experiences. We'll cover performance issues on mobile, and how to make use of mobile sensors.