Superhero Entertainments

Are you curious how superheroes like Batman®, Superman®, Spider-Man®, and The Avengers® became global cultural phenomena appearing in multi-million dollar movies? This course will help you answer that question and improve your understanding of comics as culture. Superman & Batman are Trademarks of DC Comics. Spider-Man & The Avengers are Trademarks of Marvel Comics.

About The Course

This course examines the social and cultural significance of superhero comic books and films. Particular attention will be paid to the origins of superheroes in comic books and the manner in which the major two companies, DC and Marvel, positioned those heroes in blockbuster movies commencing with Superman in 1978. The course will trace the antecedents and rise of comic book superheroes, discuss their various incarnations in other media forms like radio and television, and culminate in a discussion of the wave of recent superhero films up to and including films released in 2015. In addition to discussing the characters and their history the course will cover some of the strategies companies have adopted in licensing and marketing their superheroes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn if I take this class?
The class will give you some background and concepts that help explain the popularity of superheroes.

Is this a course for fanboys and fangirls?
Not particularly. No special knowledge is needed to take this course. But some people who take it will undoubtedly know a lot of intricate detail about various superheroes. They will be a resource for us all.

Will this course help me break in to comics?
No. But it won’t hurt your chances.

Recommended Background

Potential students should be familiar with, and hopefully watched, some of the recent superhero movies.