Responsive Images

About This Course

Did you know that images account for more than **60%** of the bytes on average needed to load a web page? In this course you will learn how to work with images on the modern web, so that your images look great and load quickly on any device. Along the way, you will pick up a range of skills and techniques to smoothly integrate responsive images into your development workflow. By then end of the course, you will be developing with images that adapt and respond to different viewport sizes and usage scenarios.

Why Take This?

Quick load times and responsive content leads to higher conversions. There's much more to images on the web than ``. Attributes like `srcset`, markup techniques using CSS, fonts, and inline images, and the brand new ` ` element are now available to help you create the best possible experience for your users. This course will help you ensure that you deliver the highest quality images with the fewest possible bytes.

Prerequisites and Requirements

You should be comfortable working with simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Experience with image creation and processing tools will also help.
Go beyond image tags! Learn how to make images a part of your responsive design workflow.