Exploring Anatomy: the Human Abdomen

Explore the anatomy of the human abdomen and appreciate its clinical importance.

About The Course

This course introduces you to the human abdomen and explores its many complex structures. As the course progresses, the structure and function of important organs will be demonstrated, discussed and related to common surgical scenarios and current research. Each of the three weeks will focus on a specific area of the abdomen; starting at the surface you will then enter the abdomen and be able to detail the anatomy of numerous organs including the stomach and liver.

At the end of each week subject specialists such as surgeons, pathologists and radiologists will come together to compare and discuss contrasting surgical techniques. This will help you to apply your understanding of basic anatomy to common clinical scenarios and research being undertaken at the University of Leeds.

For example, in the first week of the course you will examine the complex anatomy of the abdominal wall and discover why this area is of particular interest to surgeons during inguinal hernia repair.

In this course your tutor James Pickering will take you on a journey to explore the depths of the human abdomen.

This course will also give you the opportunity to purchase a Statement of Participation.

In addition, an optional formal exam has been set by the team at the University of Leeds and it is based on the contents of the course. If you pass, you will receive a Statement of Attainment which you can use as evidence of your understanding of the subject for Continuing Professional Development or other purposes.

You will be able to sit the exam at various test centres across the world during after the end of the course (dates to be confirmed).

Further information about Statements of Attainment can be found in the FAQs on Statements of Attainment.

Recommended Background

This course is for anyone that is interested in the human body and specifically the inner workings of the abdomen. We will assume a very basic level of anatomical knowledge.