Electricity & Magnetism

Fundamental topics in electromagnetism: electric charge, electric fields, currents, magnetic fields, and induction.

About The Course

*Note - This is an Archived course*

This is a past/archived course. At this time, you can only explore this course in a self-paced fashion. Certain features of this course may not be active, but many people enjoy watching the videos and working with the materials. Make sure to check for reruns of this course.

PHYS_102x serves as an introduction to electricity and magnetism, following the standard second semester college physics sequence. It begins with electric charge in matter, the forces between charges, the electric field, Gauss's Law, and the electric potential. Electric current and resistance are introduced, followed by descriptions of resistors, capacitors, and DC circuits.. The course then moves to the magnetic field, Ampere's Law, and Faraday's Law of Induction. Finally, inductors and AC circuits are described.

PHYS_102x consists of ~2 hours of weekly video lectures, weekly online homework questions, a one page peer assessed design project, and two online exams. The course runs 12 weeks, but during the two exam weeks there will be no new topics or homework assignments. It is recommended that student work consistently every week and should expect to spend 10-12 hours per week on course content.
The following components will make up PHYS_102x.

  • Video Lectures and Lecture Questions
  • Homework Problems
  • Midterm and Final Exams
  • Online Discussion Forum

PHYS_102x is targeted to an audience with a wide range of backgrounds and abilities from motivated high school students to people returning to their studies after a break. The prerequisites for this course are calculus and introductory mechanics.

Recommended Background

Calculus and introductory mechanics.