“The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Wilde: BerkeleyX Book Club

Reading, discussing, and writing about Oscar Wilde’s classic novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray.

About The Course

This course will examine Oscar Wilde’s only novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray. This novel was first published as a serial novel in Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine in 1890.

The Picture of Dorian Gray was immediately controversial, and was censored by the magazine’s editors. Even with the censorship, reviewers still thought that Wilde ought to have been prosecuted for violating laws concerning public morality. This story has two important themes: the idea of selling one’s soul, and the theme of living a double life. Wilde takes these themes to their extreme.
Participants in this course will read, discuss, and write about the text and its influence. As in most book clubs, the focus will be on lively discussion. Course materials will include background information for understanding the text, as well as vocabulary and language support. Assessment will include quizzes and short writing assignments.
This is the fourth part of the BerkeleyX Book Club offerings.

Recommended Background