Advanced Spanish Language and Culture

Perfect your Spanish speaking and writing skills while learning about the cultural products, practices and perspectives of the Spanish speaking world.

About The Course

This Advanced Spanish Language and Culture course is a rigorous course taught exclusively in Spanish that requires students to improve their proficiency across the three modes of communication:  Interpretive, Interpersonal and Presentational.  The course focuses on the integration of authentic resources including online print, audio, and audiovisual resources, as well as traditional print resources that include literature, essays, and magazine and newspaper articles with the goal of providing a rich, diverse learning experience. Students communicate using rich, advanced vocabulary and linguistic structures as they build proficiency in all modes of communication toward the advanced level.  Class is conducted completely in Spanish and includes frequent writing and integration of skills with a rigorous review of grammatical structures. Advanced organizational and analytical strategies are taught. An array of resources is used as necessary to facilitate the learning process.

Recommended Background

Advanced Spanish Language and Culture is an advanced language course.  It is imperative that you have taken at least three years of high school Spanish and have a high proficiency in spoken and... see more...