Introduction to Game Design

A practical introduction to game design and game design concepts, emphasizing the basic tools of game design: paper and digital prototyping, design iteration, and user testing.

About The Course

An introduction to the basic methods of game design. This course includes defining and analyzing games and their mechanics, and understanding how mechanics affect gameplay and player experiences.  Practical assignments include creating both paper and digital prototypes, using user testing to find points of failure and iterative design processes to revise and improve overall gameplay.

Week 0 of this course is a 'ramp-up' week for participants to introduce themselves to one another and become familiar with the forums and other course platform features.

This course is part of the EdTechX series from the MIT Education Arcade. Check out the other course modules to further build your understanding of the use and design of technologies for learning.

Recommended Background

Familiarity with board and video games; interest in designing and understanding how games work. Willing to learn and use a simple game programming language.