Advanced Instructional Strategies in the Virtual Classroom

Learn how to elevate your teaching by studying what some of the most successful virtual teachers are doing to propel their students forward. We will investigate what teaching strategies make the biggest impact in virtual education, connect with innovative and experienced teachers, and apply core strategies to the key areas of K-12 virtual instruction.

About The Course

This course will help you ‘up’ your game and develop the advanced level skills and techniques that eludes even some of the most experienced virtual teachers. We will examine the pitfalls beginning teachers run into and learn how to overcome them by focusing on the fundamentals that have the greatest impact on student learning in a blended or online environment. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to hear from a variety of experienced K-12 teachers and be challenged to assess your own skills and apply what you are learning by creating a guide, assignment or resource that you will be able to use in a class that you teach or hope to teach someday soon. By the end of the course you’ll not only have a better understanding of the basics; you’ll be able to put them together like a pro and empower your future students to be voracious learners who are ready to go out and make the world a better place to live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a certificate after completing this class?
You can earn a Verified Certificate by verifying your work with a no obligation Signature Track trial. Payment for Signature Track can be made anytime until the week before the course ends — so you’ll be more certain that you’ll earn your Verified Certificate.  If you choose not to verify your work, you can still participate in the complete course.  While your final score will be noted on your course records page, this course will not offer a Statement of Accomplishment.  

Will I receive university credit for this course?
At this time, university  credit is not available for this course. However, this course is one of four courses offered through Coursera by UC Irvine focused on Virtual Teacher Education. Those students who successfully complete all four courses and earn a Verified Certificate with Distinction (available exclusively by joining Signature Track) for each course will be able to apply for a practicum course offered online through UC Irvine Extension. For more information on the UC Irvine practicum visit 

What resources will I need for this class?
The course is self-contained, with links to free and open resources throughout. Additionally, some paid resources will be recommended but not required. Paid resources are simply additional resources you may wish to purchase to further your studies. You will have all the resources necessary in order to be successful in this course, so just be ready to learn, explore and share some great ideas for teaching students virtually.

What is the coolest thing I'll learn if I take this class?
You will learn to focus on what matter’s most, why, and gather up several practical teaching strategies on how to motivate your students and set them up for success.

Recommended Background

The course is primarily for:

  • Teachers working with children ages 5 - 18
  • Educators who are already familiar with the basics of virtual education
  • Faculty working with further education, community college, or vocational students
  • Continuing education or in-service facilitators supporting teachers and faculty
  • Educators interested in educational technology and/or online instruction
  • Please note that although this program is offered to participants from around the world, many of the examples and experiences shared will be based on the education structure and processes of the United States. Participants will be encouraged to discuss their own country-based experiences in the forums.