Health for All Through Primary Health Care

This course explores why primary health care is central for achieving Health for All. It provides examples of how primary health care has been instrumental in approaching this goal in selected populations and how the principles of primary health care can guide future policies and actions.

About The Course

Two of the most inspiring, least understood, and most often derided terms in global health discourse are “Health for All” and “Primary Health Care.” In this course, we will explore these terms in the context of global health, their origins and meanings, the principles upon which they rest, and examples of how these principles have been implemented both at small scale as well as at large scale. We will also explore some ultra-low-cost approaches to Health for All through primary health care and the promise that primary health care holds for eventually achieving Health for All.

The course consists of six one-hour lectures with readings and opportunities for discussions among those taking the course and interactions with the professor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What resources will I need for this class?
All readings will be provided through the course and will be in the publicly available.

Will I receive a Statement of Accomplishment for this course?
Students who successfully complete the course with a sufficient grade will receive a signed Statement of Accomplishment.

Recommended Background

Enrollment is limited to those with at least a high-school education and the capacity to communicate in English.