Content Strategy for Professionals: Engaging Audiences for Your Organization

The Content Strategy MOOC is for professionals at all levels of a for-profit, non-profit, volunteer or government organization who want to significantly improve their abilities to understand audiences and develop strategic words, pictures, graphics, and videos to convey their organization’s most important goals.

About The Course

Why Content Strategy is essential for professionals in any organization – business, non-profit, or government: 

Content Strategy is a conversation that provides thought-leadership. It starts a “conversation” with users and stakeholders inside and outside an organization.  Conversations are the natural way people think about complex issues. Conversations also enable people to develop “stories,” which lead to understanding and helpful mental pictures. Content Strategy practitioners are at all levels of the best enterprises – in all departments and sectors from the top leader to the newcomer in the ranks.

In this complex information age, forward-thinking employees know that if they and their organizations are to thrive, they need to go beyond their job descriptions. They must master the most demanding communications frontier – creating engaging, strategic, honest stories and information that is valued by their most important audiences. In turn that will make their enterprise stand out.

Regardless of their area of work, position or expertise, Content Strategy practitioners know how to use words, pictures, video, and social and mobile media to interact with their most important constituents with trustable, actionable information that the audience values and will use. The strategic content they produce enhances the user’s lives and deepens their understanding and engagement with the organization.

Content Strategy is similar to the best examples of journalism, but it is done by non-journalism organizations. Content Strategy is always honest, trustable, and transparent. It tells all sides of every story it reports. Often it is also deeper and directed at topics and audiences that traditional journalism under-serves or does not reach. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a certificate for completing this course?
Yes. Participants in the Signature Track will receive a Verified Certificate awarded by the Media Management Center at Northwestern University and Coursera. The certificate will be your official recognition stating that you have completed the assigned work and have demonstrated your understanding of Content Strategy. Your employer, colleagues or others you designate can verify that you have earned this certificate by going to a unique Coursera web address (URL).

Where can I find out more about the course and Content Strategy?
Before, during, and after the class, we encourage all participants to join us on social media. We have sites on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +.

How much will it cost me to take this course?
The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is free of charge. However, if it would benefit you where you work, on your resume or just for your satisfaction, you can get a Verified Certificate from Northwestern University for completing the MOOC. It is available for $39.00 with enrollment in the Signature Track. 

Do I have to stick to a set schedule?
The sessions are set up so that you can do it in small bites over six weeks or all at once – whichever best fits your busy schedule.

Recommended Background

This MOOC serves professionals who want to learn to create trustable, engaging and often interactive content to advance their enterprise’s future. This MOOC is for people anywhere in an organization who have content development experience and now want to significantly improve their abilities to understand audiences and develop strategic words, pictures, graphics and videos to convey their organization’s most important goals.