Child Nutrition and Cooking 2.0

Learn the basics of child nutrition and how to make healthy meals for healthy children and families in version 2.0 of the "Just Cook" class.

About The Course

Eating patterns that begin in childhood affect health and wellbeing across the lifespan. In the USA, we are in the midst of a childhood obesity epidemic that threatens to leave our children with a shorter life expectancy than their parents. As processed foods become more readily available around the world, other developed nations are beginning to follow suit. This course examines contemporary child nutrition in America from the individual decisions made by each family to the widespread food marketing targeting our children.  The health risks associated with obesity in childhood are also discussed. Students will learn what constitutes a healthy diet for children and adults and how to prepare simple, delicious foods aimed at inspiring a lifelong celebration of easy home-cooked meals. This course will help prepare students to be the leading health providers, teachers and parents of the present and future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I get a Statement of Accomplishment after completing this class?

    Statements of Accomplishment are not currently offered for learners participating in the Child Nutrition and Cooking open course.  Participants who successfully completed previous sessions of this class already received a Statement of Accomplishment signed by the instructor.

  • What resources will I need for this class?

    For this course, all you need is an Internet connection, access to basic cooking equipment and simple food ingredients and a small amount of time to experiment, share your experiences and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

  • What is the coolest thing I'll learn if I take this class?

    In addition to the basic principles of healthy meal preparation, this course aims to inspire a celebratory return to the simple home-cooked meal. (No previous cooking experience is required...) Bon Appetit!

Recommended Background

If you have access to basic cooking equipment, a source of food ingredients and a healthy dose of curiosity, we welcome you to join this course.