Statistics: Making Sense of Data

This course is an introduction to the key ideas and principles of the collection, display, and analysis of data to guide you in making valid and appropriate conclusions about the world.

About The Course

We live in a world where data are increasingly available, in ever larger quantities, and are increasingly expected to form the basis for decisions by governments, businesses, and other organizations, as well as by individuals in their daily lives. To cope effectively, every informed citizen must be statistically literate.  

This course will provide an intuitive introduction to applied statistical reasoning,  introducing fundamental statistical skills and acquainting students with the full process of inquiry and evaluation used in investigations in a wide range of fields.  In particular, the course will cover methods of data collection, constructing effective graphical and numerical displays to understand the data, how to estimate and describe the error in estimates of some important quantities, and the key ideas in how statistical tests can be used to separate significant differences from those that are only a reflection of the natural variability in data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a Statement of Accomplishment after completing this class?

Yes, students who successfully complete the class, including all videos and quizzes and homework assignments, will receive a Statement of Accomplishment.  To receive credit, all evaluations must be completed before the Hard Deadline.

Recommended Background

Students should be comfortable with basic high-school-level mathematics.