Virtual Teacher Final Project

This final project allows students to apply their knowledge of virtual instruction by designing an online or blended instructional module. It is the final requirement for the Virtual Teacher Specialization Certificate.

About The Course

The Final Project will be a hands-on, comprehensive project, that practitioners of virtual education can implement in their profession. For this final project, learners will draft a design plan for an online learning module utilizing materials learned from the virtual teacher series. Learners will choose the subject matter, method of delivery, tools, instructional strategies, and assessments, with the goal of creating a module of online or blended instruction that meets the needs of their students. Learners do not have to create, develop or teach the online learning module they design. Learners will have two weeks to complete the project and one week to peer review three of their classmates' projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the Final Project?
The Final Project will require students to apply what they've learned in the virtual teacher series to a project-based assignment. Learners will need to complete the project in a two-week time period, so we recommend you plan appropriately. 

Will this course provide course credits?
No. Learners who are eligible and complete the Final Project will receive a Coursera Specialization Certificate, however no credits are attached to this certification. For learners interested in earning university credit, please check out the Virtual Teacher Practicum offered by UCI Extension by visiting this link.

Recommended Background

The Final Project is available to learners who successfully complete all four of the Virtual Teacher courses offered by UC Irvine Extension (with a grade of 70% or above) with Signature Track.