Process Improvement

Gain practical skills for analyzing and improving work processes and for organizing initiatives for continuous improvement of processes. Learn how to plan and execute process improvements with frameworks and techniques from Six Sigma and Lean Management initiatives.

About The Course

Any business can be viewed as a collection of various processes. Processes are used for all types of work, including new product development, and production and delivery of goods and services. This course will provide you a set of tools that you can use to improve work processes.

You will learn to conduct systematic root-cause analysis to discover process improvements aimed at making processes more cost-effective, dependable, responsive, and flexible. You will also be introduced to techniques for setting organizational objectives and priorities for process improvement initiatives.

The process improvement initiatives covered in this course, such as Six Sigma and Lean Management, are widely used by world-class organizations to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. These initiatives can also be used to explore and realize synergies among processes that cut across organizational boundaries of supply chain partners and merging companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this course fit into the Improving Business Finances and Operations Specialization?

This is the sixth course in the track.

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Recommended Background

Basic statistics knowledge, including the concepts of variation and distribution, is recommended.