Modern Musician Capstone

Develop a song from initial idea to polished production in this capstone experience, using the knowledge and experience gained from Developing Your Musicianship, Introduction to Music Production, and Songwriting.

About The Course

After successfully completing the three prior courses of the Modern Musician Specialization, this capstone experience is your chance to use your talent and accumulated knowledge to create and submit a finished, fully produced song. The course will run for six weeks and include four milestones. As you go through milestones, you will develop a song and vision for the finished product. You will then plan and execute its production, including recording, editing, mixing, and posting the finished product. All along the way, you will receive feedback from the peer review process, allowing you to tweak and refine your finished song.

The top 10 students who complete the capstone course will receive a $1,449 scholarship toward a Berklee Online course of their choosing. The online course will be taught by a Berklee faculty member in a small, 20 person or less cohort over 12 weeks. These students will also receive a collection of five Berklee Press books in music theory, music production, and songwriting to complement their studies. Lastly, the top 10 students will be invited to a special session with Clay Hunnicutt, Executive Vice President and General Manager of National Programming Platforms at iHeartMedia. In this interactive conversation, Clay will cover topics about the music business leveraging his 25+ years in radio.