New World, New Map: GPS for Today’s Music Industry

This course provides an engaging and methodical insight into the past and present cultural and commercial music industry developments, directions, and trends. It will equip the students with the knowledge and skills necessary to appreciate, understand and more productively participate in today’s music industry field.

About The Course

A development of music industry and its systems was not an instantaneous, single event that can be attributed to one point in time, one idea, one person, or one institution. Its evolution, from a solely cultural phenomenon to a multifaceted commercial product, involved various social, technological, and legislative processes that defined its place in the society. Ultimately, in order to truly understand the new world of the music industry and its future direction, one must consider its progress and development stemming from those diverse processes.

This course explores and addresses those often neglected, but vital, issues and perspectives as it is maps out, clarifies, and analyses today’s music industry structures, principles, and spectrum – the issues of not just the existing surface state, shape, and mechanics, but of deep root causes and origins. For, it is these original particles of the music industry’s DNA, combined with all its adaptive mutations over time, that lead to true understanding of its present and allow a meaningful glimpse at its future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What resources will I need for this class?
    • A computer
    • Reliable Internet access
    • An interest in the music industry
  • What is the coolest thing I'll learn if I take this class?
    • The issues facing the Music Industry (now and in the past)
    • The creative solutions being pursued by independent artists and labels
  • What background is expected for learners in this class?
    • An interest in the music industry
  • What can I earn for completing this course?
    • You can earn a Verified Certificate by verifying your work with a risk-free, no obligation Signature Track trial. Payment for Signature Track can be made anytime until the week before the course ends — so you’ll be more certain that you’ll earn your Verified Certificate.

Recommended Background

An interest in the history, workings, changes (and issues) surrounding the music industry.