Latino Popular Culture for the Clueless

All your questions answered in seven exciting episodes!

About The Course

Latino Popular Culture for the Clueless is a seven-session class about the everyday lives, unique traditions, and media depictions of various Latino ethnic groups residing in the United States. We hope that you sharpen your critical thinking about the challenges and the prospects reflected by Latino popular culture. We believe that the skills this class hones will ultimately help you to become a more accountable actor, rather than merely a spectator, in the hemispheric American condition.

We hope you notice from the title of the course that we have a playful approach to teaching and learning, because we really don't think that you're clueless at all.

We are not just here to examine how Latino groups express their values and hopes, we are also here to learn how YOU express your values and hopes. So get ready to do exercises and assignments that play with your own ideas about your community and your identity.

You will be our most important "textbook" in this class.

Recommended Background

No prerequisite background or knowledge required. The only thing required is a curiosity for learning about all things Latino.