Re-Enchanting the City – Designing the Human Habitat

The city is now the predominant human habitat. How do we make hyper-dense cities of the future green, livable and poetic?

About The Course

The city is humanity’s most complex and extraordinary artifact. As the world population grows and becomes ever more urban, the making of future cities is no longer just about aesthetics or convenience. Questions of sustainability and culture are more and more crucial. Increasingly, the future of the city is the future of the species.

This is an introduction to the interdisciplinary nature of city making. The focus will be on a cutting-edge, high-density urban infill project in contemporary Sydney. We will use this project to explore the interdependencies of the professions at play; urban design, architecture, construction management, planning, landscape architecture, interior architecture and industrial design. 

We will investigate the entire development process from the earliest planning and site purchases through to completion, and from the broad contextual scale through to the design intricacies. In so doing, we will examine design innovations in green technologies, structure, construction, environmental and building service, framing this within the wider context of infrastructure, governance and the political economy.

As a course participant, you will engage in critical discussion from different perspectives; design, sustainability, and the law. You will also analyze the cultural, environmental and political conversations that drive the development, gain an understanding of how key players interact in city making and see how different built environment disciplines relate in this process.

Drawing on designers, thinkers and developers at the forefront of their professions, this course will investigate a key question facing global cities today: how do we engage local democracy to make urban density both sustainable and poetic? 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I earn for completing this course?

You can earn a Verified Certificate by verifying your work with a risk-free, no obligation Signature Track trial. Payment for Signature Track can be made anytime until the week before the course ends — so you’ll be more certain that you’ll earn your Verified Certificate.

If you choose not to verify your work, you can still participate in the complete course. While your final score will be noted on your course records page, this course will not offer a Statement of Accomplishment. 

What resources will I need for this class?

For this course, you will need a reliable Internet connection, and the time to watch the interviews, read the case study material, discuss the issues raised in the course and produce work to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts.

What are some of the coolest things this course will offer?

This course aims to delve into the complexity of urban development by using an existing urban case study. It will provide an intellectual “hook” to participants around the globe, to engage in deep conversation about what makes a city. This course will provide access to the perspectives of leading thinkers and practitioners, as well as a rare glimpse into a unique and innovative high-density development.

Recommended Background

No background is required; all are welcome!