Take the Lead on Healthcare Quality Improvement

This course presents the concepts and processes of quality improvement (QI) and the importance of QI in improving patient outcomes. Its aim is to enhance the competence of working healthcare professionals to lead and participate in interprofessional healthcare teams that are focused on quality improvement.

About The Course

In this course you will learn about the importance of quality in healthcare and how you can contribute by implementing a project to improve processes of care and patient outcomes. By learning the methods of QI and implementing these methods, you will add powerful QI tools to your ‘toolbox.’ You will learn the steps in the QI process during short lectures and reflective exercises, Then you will identify a clinically relevant project  to address in your own practice setting or a personal improvement project and apply the QI tools.

The QI project will be considered within the context of interprofessional teams and from a systems perspective. Care environments are complex settings and call for a sophisticated set of collaborative teamwork skills and systems thinking. The objective of this course is to empower you, the working healthcare professional, to improve your knowledge and skills in the science of quality improvement so that you can take action in your own clinical setting to improve the quality of care for your patients and their families.

Approval of nursing contact hours is pending and will be awarded to participants who complete individual modules and complete the evaluation components. Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing (OH-216/11-01-15) is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the Ohio Nurses Association (OBN-001-91), an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a Statement of Accomplishment after completing this class?

Yes. Students who successfully complete the class will receive a Statement of Accomplishment electronically signed by the instructors. (Those students who enroll in the Signature Track will instead receive a Verified Certificate.)

What resources will I need for this class?

For this course, you need an Internet connection with adequate bandwidth for watching videos. Also, it is recommended that you purchase Fundamentals of Heath Care Improvement: A Guide to Improving Your Patients' Care, the course's recommended textbook.

What is the coolest thing I'll learn if I take this class?

You will learn practical, proven approaches to interprofessional team-based processes to improve patient care and clinical outcomes.

Recommended Background

The audience for the course includes front-line healthcare professionals, faculty and students in health professions schools, and other interested individuals. It is most relevant for nurses, physicians, pharmacists, social workers, therapists, dietitians, and healthcare administrators.

Students should be able to read and write comfortably in English at a high school level.