Greening the Economy: Lessons from Scandinavia

How can we live a good life on one planet with over seven billion people? This course addresses sustainability, climate change and how to combine economic development with a healthy environment. We will explore how individual choices, business strategies, sustainable cities and national policies can promote a greener economy.

About The Course

This course will explore greening the economy on four levels – individual, business, city, and nation. We will look at the relationships between these levels and give many practical examples of the complexities and solutions across the levels. Scandinavia, a pioneering place advancing sustainability and combating climate change, is a unique starting point for learning about greening the economy. We will learn from many initiatives attempted in Scandinavia since the 1970s - some successful, some not - but all potentially useful for other countries and contexts.

The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University is an international centre of excellence on strategies for sustainable solutions. The IIIEE is ideally suited to understand and explain the interdisciplinary issues in green economies utilising the diverse disciplinary backgrounds of its international staff. The IIIEE has been researching and teaching on sustainability and greener economies since the 1990s and it has extensive international networks connecting with a variety of organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a Statement of Accomplishment after completing this course?

Yes. Students who successfully complete the course will receive a “Statement of Accomplishment” as well as the opportunity to stay connected to the IIIEE and our research and educational activities.

What resources will I need for this course?

For this course, all you need is an internet connection and the time to watch lectures, read course content, complete assignments, and discuss some assignments with your peers.

What future learning opportunities will be possible after this course?

If you are looking for additional coursework related to the topic greening the economy, sustainable consumption, environmental corporate strategies, sustainable urban development, and environmental policies you can check out the Environmental Management and Policy Master Program at the IIIEE or the Master Program in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management operated by four leading European (including the IIIEE) and two North American Universities and supported by the European Commission.

Recommended Background

No specific background is needed, just a sense of curiosity - all are welcome!