Global Affairs Final Project

This Final Project course is only available to learners who have earned a Verified Certificate in each course of the Challenges in Global Affairs Specialization (The Changing Global Order, Configuring the World, and International Organizations Management). You won't be able to enroll in this course if you do not have a Verified Certificate in each of those three courses.

About The Course

This Final Project of the Specialization “Challenges in Global Affairs” brings together the knowledge, insights and skills you have learned in the three MOOCs: The Changing Global Order (Leiden University), Configuring the World (Leiden University) and International Organizations Management (University of Geneva). You will integrate your knowledge and skills by way of a Final Project. In this Peer Reviewed Assignment, you will reflect on a critical international issue.

Some of the professors you came to know during the course will join forces and will be present in this capstone. During a number of Google Hangout sessions (live video chats), the course team will respond to your discussions in the forum and guide you along the way to write your Final Project.

Upon completing this project, you can show that you have successfully understood today’s main challenges and that you are able to critically evaluate this and come up with creative solutions. Integrating these different approaches and showing creativity will be much appreciated for tomorrow’s world leaders.

We are proud to announce that we can also provide three of the best students* the opportunity to enroll in an internship at NATO Headquarters, Brussels.

* The exact eligibility criteria will be announced.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I take this course?
You can take this course if you have earned a Verified Certificate in the following three courses: Configuring the World, The Changing Global Order and International Organizations Management.

2. Will I get a Statement of Accomplishment upon completion?
Since only learners who have elected for the Signature Track option can participate in the capstone, there is no Statement of Accomplishment option for the capstone, only Verified Certificate.

3. Will this course have video lectures?
This course will have no regular video lectures, but there will be weekly video Hangouts with the course team to help you with your project.