Browser Rendering Optimization

About This Course

Performance matters to users. Web developers need to build apps that react quickly and render smoothly. Google performance guru Paul Lewis is here to help you destroy jank and create web apps that maintain 60 frames per second performance. You'll leave this course with the tools you need to profile apps and identify the causes of jank. You'll explore the browser's rendering pipeline and uncover patterns that make it easy to build performant apps.

Why Take This?

Demystifying the browser's rendering pipeline will make it easy for you to build high performance web apps. By following a few simple principles, you are capable of drastically reducing the browser's workload and time needed to render each frame. You'll start by getting introduce to the individual steps of the rendering pipeline, beginning with parsing HTML and ending with painting pixels on the screen. Then you'll quickly dive into tooling with ample opportunities to practice profiling and debugging apps with Chrome Developer Tools. The final project uses the Hacker News API and gives you an opportunity to show off everything you've learned as you turn an awful experience into a high performance web app!

Prerequisites and Requirements

* You're a web developer who has written apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. * You have used Chrome DevTools. * (Recommended) Background knowledge about the critical rendering path from Website Performance Optimization will be helpful.
This course will demystify the browser's rendering pipeline and make it easy for you to build high performance web apps .