Alternative Approaches to Valuation and Investment

In this course, participants will develop an understanding of the intuitive foundations of asset and investment valuation, and how alternative valuation techniques may be used in practice. This is part of a Specialization in corporate finance created in partnership between the University of Melbourne and Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon).

About The Course

This course is the fourth in the four-course Specialization <i>Essentials of Corporate Financial Analysis and Decision-Making</i>. 

In this course you will develop not only an understanding of how firm risk might be objectively measured using commonly available data,  but also an understanding of how such risk measures might be incorporated directly into valuation models. 

Instructors from the University of Melbourne, together with their partners at BNY Mellon, demonstrate these practical techniques for risk measurement and valuation using real-life data relating to some of the largest listed public companies from around the world.

Recommended Background

  • A basic knowledge of statistics and an ability to employ simple algebra to solve straightforward problems
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Excel (or a functionally-equivalent spreadsheet program). Specifically participants should possess the ability to summarise data using the graphical tools contained within that program.
  • Apart from that, a natural curiosity about not only how markets operate, but also how participants in those markets gather and then transform information so as to make financial decisions that maximise firm value